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I live in South Carolina and that may be why the Brittanee Drexel story has such a impact on me. All stories of children and people disappearing without a trace hurt my heart. This one gives me chills and i don't know why it stands out so much to me.
Today they did another search in Mcclellanville, SC because a cell phone tower picked up a signal from her phone near there not long after her disappearance from Myrtle Beach, SC. The search will continue early tomorrow morning and i hope some clue is found for this poor family and everyone affected by this story.
Brittanee Drexel was 17 when she took a trip from her home in New York to Myrtle beach with her friends and was last seen on a hotel camera that was April 2009.
I'm posting the link to her website if anyone is interested in taking a look

A mother whose child was killed by a pit bull wants a ban on the breed
 A mother of a child who was killed by pit bulls and her attorney are asking the Texas legislature to consider banning the dogs.
Many pit bull owners are saying losing their pet would be like losing a child
Kent said she and her client, Serena Clinton, the mother of 10-year-old Justin Clinton, who was killed in 2009, are proposing this legislation to ensure the safety of other children.
If the ban were to take effect the most severe consequence would be a third-degree felony.
Personally I love pits but just like any other dog breed I get nervous around ones i'm not familiar with.