Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jason Aldean Vs Colt Ford/ Brantley Gilbert "Dirt Road Anthem"

I have been a big fan of Colt Fords for years And when i heard of Jason Aldean I thought he was okay. He seems more like a pretty face to many, and i really don't get it. I don't think he is cute at all. But i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Recently Jason Aldean has re done Colt Ford and Brantley Gilberts version of Dirt Road Anthem. It drives me crazy that girls scream for Jason thinking he wrote this song because most have never heard Colt Fords version. They're blinded by looks vs talent. Granted Colt Ford is rapping in the song and Brantley Gilbert sings it still is hands down the best version.
I want to pull my hair out when i introduce the Colt Ford version and girls say they like Jason's version better because he's hott. UGH makes me sick.

Colt Ford:

Jason Aldean: