Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's gift ideas

Well im broke and officially a SAHM so what do i do for my husband this year that wont cost a lot of money....hmmmmm. Lets see I have been known to be crafty ...thinking, thinking, i got it a coupon book from me and my 14 month.
I went to the everything's a dollar store lol i know it's the dollar tree and purchased a project board, and some embellishments. I cut the project board up into rectangles and started decorating. It's not perfect and with my little one under my feet and a serious time crunch before the hubby got home i don't think its too bad. This is the cover

It's not finished i need to put a small hole in each one with a hole punch and then pull some ribbon through and tie it then it will be complete.
Anyone else have any crafty valentines day ideals???


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