Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good days followed by bad days

Yesterday was awesome my husband got really good news from work. I was so excited but i didn't want to announce anything until paper work went through. The news was a transfer to another area with more pay. So we started looking for a place to live on craigslist and a few other sites. We found some great places. And sent emails inquiring about them. Then went to bed. I thought all the promotions and jobs my hubby has put in for and always gets denied for some of the wall reason he is actually getting one after 4 years of applying i guess good things do come to those who wait.
This morning i decided to meet up with a local mom club at the park ...but none of the other moms showed. OK that's fine i probably shouldn't be making friends if we are moving right? Then the hubby calls and says well i have news..we are still moving but i don't know when. Um what? We need to know something because we have to find a place, pack, find doctors and whatever else. He says HR says the guy who hired him didn't follow procedure and the job needs to posted on the company website and anyone who applies for it has to be interviewed and then he can hire my hubby if he is the most qualified. So this whole thing can take months. Im extremely disappointed. My husband works his butt off and does his bosses job. Then has to finish everyones job before he can come home. He trains people and they get promoted over him because he is too valuable in his current position. That's all great he is valuable in this current position but we are drowning in bills and his current position pay isn't cutting it. 


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