Saturday, January 29, 2011

Twilight fanatic

Hi I'm Elle, I'm28 years old and im a die hard Twilight fanatic. Yes it's true. I did read all the books and can't wait for the final installment Breaking Dawn which was broke up into 2 different movies. I love vampires and love stories like most women. 
Ok i can't stand when someone who hasn't read the book says i just know Bella will end up with ____ because they're suppose to end up together he is like so much better for her.
 If you made it through the books or at least the last one you know for certain who Bella ends up with and why and that is how it is suppose to be. If someone paid attention to the entire series the ending is perfect. Thank you Stephanie Meyer!


Kristine said...

I too love the Twilight series. My friend introduced me to it and I think I read the series in record time.

Following you back!


momof2 said...

I also love the books! It mostly takes place in high school - but has universal age appeal!


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