Saturday, January 29, 2011

I hate SMOKING!!!

Increased Risk of Upper Respiratory and Ear Infection, Asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome are some effects of smoking around children. Do some people not care about a child enough to not smoke around them. I quit five years ago and my husband quit over a year ago because he didn't want his bad habit to hurt our daughter. 
From a stream of bad luck  we had to move in with my hubby's grandmother or nana as they call her. Nana is a smoker and all we asked her was just please dont smoke in the house because it's not healthy for my daughter. When you don't smoke it's very easy for you to smell it. I have smelled it for the past year but never saw her smoking until recently. 
I have caught her twice and yes we confronted the situation. She jumps on the defense of course that this is her house and well we jump on the defense that we pay all the bills (which is true). 
My 13 month old has something going on that her dr has not diagnosed yet we are having to give her 4 medications daily and one of those meds she gets twice a day.
The situation is extremely bad here i could care less i am dealing with a women who has never had to work because she always married rich and everyone has always gave her what she wanted. She is 75 but more like a 5 year old in mentality. Everyone has tried to tell her we are concerned for our child's health and her 2 responses are:
1) I wasn't smoking they're lying 
2) if they don't like it they can get out

Oh my im at a loss since we pay all her bills we are pretty financially strapped so moving right now is not an option. So i blog about it...


charlene said...

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can you buy an air purifier for the house and that would help with the smoke or have one just for the babys room.

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DP said...

Smoking is awful. I've done a ton of blogging about it.

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