Friday, January 28, 2011

Friend or foe?

I look at my Facebook and see 334 friends and think wow that's a lot of friends to have...hmmm i wonder where they all were on my birthday? Not one of them could make my birthday dinner or sent a card they just posted the usual "happy birthday i hope it's a good one" on my wall. No text or phone calls just Facebook messages. I get the occasional "we need to hang out soon" some of my friends have been saying that for a year so when is soon? Of course when i try to approach anyone and let then know how i feel they switch up and play the victim.
I started to see my friends fade when i stared dating the man who i am now married to and once i was pregnant they seemed almost nonexistent. I have begged for a "girls night out" and my friends have them all the time they just forget to invite me. Of course i know they didn't forget to invite me. You would think all these women were single and ready to mingle but nope most are married and half of them have kids as well.
I am now branching out and joining a mom's group in my area that way my daughter can play with other kids and i can talk to another adult women for hour once a week.
I can no longer have pride while begging my so called friends to hang out with me im 28 married and have a child im not switching schools in half way through 9th grade but i do feel that way.


kballard87 said...

That's so funny. I feel that way a lot too. I am 23 and have a 2 1/2 year old son and no friends. :-) I probably don't live in your area but it's nice to meet you online and hopefully we can be online friends.
My blog is I have cool reviews and giveaways sometimes so check it out and enter some if you'd like. Looking forward to getting to know you!


ellen1082 said...

sure i'd love that thanks i am following you now

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