Monday, January 31, 2011

I would never eat before my child

I would of posted this on my In the news tab but because of the seriousness of this issue i decided to post it here. Not far from where i live a couple was arrested in the death of there 9 month old baby. Why? Because at birth the baby boy weighed 8lbs 4 ounces 9 months later he weighed 6 lbs 9 ounces.
 The cause of death was determined to be Marasmus, a chronic undernourishment condition that occurs mostly in children. Marasmus is caused by a diet deficiency in calories and proteins.

Apparently the excuse the parents used was financial. They couldn't afford to feed the baby. Please take a look at the picture of the parents and tell me "do they look like they lacked food?" I would never NEVER never eat before my child. This is completely ridiculous. The last time the baby even received medical care was when he was born. 


Saturday, January 29, 2011

I make hair bows and bow holders

Just in case anyone was interested i make hair bows and bow holders i have a page on Facebook if you would like to "like" it. Cupcake cutie bowtique

Twilight fanatic

Hi I'm Elle, I'm28 years old and im a die hard Twilight fanatic. Yes it's true. I did read all the books and can't wait for the final installment Breaking Dawn which was broke up into 2 different movies. I love vampires and love stories like most women. 
Ok i can't stand when someone who hasn't read the book says i just know Bella will end up with ____ because they're suppose to end up together he is like so much better for her.
 If you made it through the books or at least the last one you know for certain who Bella ends up with and why and that is how it is suppose to be. If someone paid attention to the entire series the ending is perfect. Thank you Stephanie Meyer!

I hate SMOKING!!!

Increased Risk of Upper Respiratory and Ear Infection, Asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome are some effects of smoking around children. Do some people not care about a child enough to not smoke around them. I quit five years ago and my husband quit over a year ago because he didn't want his bad habit to hurt our daughter. 
From a stream of bad luck  we had to move in with my hubby's grandmother or nana as they call her. Nana is a smoker and all we asked her was just please dont smoke in the house because it's not healthy for my daughter. When you don't smoke it's very easy for you to smell it. I have smelled it for the past year but never saw her smoking until recently. 
I have caught her twice and yes we confronted the situation. She jumps on the defense of course that this is her house and well we jump on the defense that we pay all the bills (which is true). 
My 13 month old has something going on that her dr has not diagnosed yet we are having to give her 4 medications daily and one of those meds she gets twice a day.
The situation is extremely bad here i could care less i am dealing with a women who has never had to work because she always married rich and everyone has always gave her what she wanted. She is 75 but more like a 5 year old in mentality. Everyone has tried to tell her we are concerned for our child's health and her 2 responses are:
1) I wasn't smoking they're lying 
2) if they don't like it they can get out

Oh my im at a loss since we pay all her bills we are pretty financially strapped so moving right now is not an option. So i blog about it...

Friday, January 28, 2011

I stalked him until he loved me

Romeo and Juliet really set the bar high. So do the fairy tales we read our children at night. If only every story was about real prince and princesses. Well im no princess im a queen haha not really.
I was just a 25 year old living in a townhouse with my roommate that had a crush on her neighbor right across the street. I really hadn't meet him i just saw him from a far he seemed perfect well almost perfect. It was odd sometimes he looked different like he was taller on some days.....
One summer day three years ago i was shopping at the mall when i get a frantic call from "roomie" saying the hot guys that lived across the street were hanging out at the pool and i need to get home stat so i can meet them. Well Stat it was i rushed home changed and headed to the pool. I was disappointed the guy was different again and he had his baby with him. Of course i played with the baby while these guys hung out talking to my roommate and once the baby went home so did I.  I was back home but i was bored plus they had a little party going on at the pool i figured it wouldn't hurt to go have a few drinks. I didn't see him at first. I grabbed a beer and sat down next to my roomie. I jumped in the conversation and then heard a different voice that wasn't there before i turned around and it was him but wait how was he just taller 20 minutes ago? It may seem funny but his roommate slash best friend and him look a lot a like at first most people confuse them a lot. I was smitten.
I guess i turned into a different girl but not really. I just wanted him to be my boyfriend and wouldn't give up until he was. Sometimes you just know things well i knew we would be together one day he just had to stick around long enough. Most of our time together the first three months isn't a time im proud of . I was his late night call. No real dates. I had to eventually put my foot down because i had strong feelings and he denied me as his girlfriend. Hurt couldn't begin to describe how i felt. Then September rolled around and i was done i put my foot down and told him i was tired of him only wanting me late at night. He asked me to be his girlfriend...yes finally. But did he do it because he liked me or because i forced him into it?
His roommates all moved out and since my roommate and i no longer got along i told him i was moving in with him and so  i did i moved it all in. I never asked and he never told me i could or couldn't. Still i wondered how he really felt. I knew i loved him i had loved him since that day at the pool.
December came and of course both our jobs had a Holiday party. His was first. I meet some co-workers and it was fun until he had a little too much to drink. We ended up in an argument that ended up in him saying "shut up i love you". huh? what was that? Did he say that or was i imagining it. That was eventful. Finally the party was over and we got in the car(i drove) he turns to me and ask "did you hear me?" nope did i miss something. i just looked at him a shook my head and he said "i told you i love you, do you not love m?." Yes i loved him but i was a little upset he was drunk telling me. I told him yes i do love you.
Days had past and neither one of us mentioned the "i love you" so i told him he says things when he drinks and doesn't mean them or remember them. I said you even told me you loved me, and then he said well that i meant. Finally i know i don't have to wonder he loves me he really does!
 Fast Forwarding to present day 3 years later we are married and have a 13 month old daughter. We say i love you at least five times a day. And we both quit drinking. He surprises me with dinner dates, movie dates, random cleaning, cooking, flowers. You name it he brings it to me. I knew from day one he wasn't this 23 year old slacker that kept saying he didn't want a girlfriend. Know one believed me then but now they do. He was scared of being hurt he says but once he realized i wasn't going anywhere that i would be there through the good and the bad, he let me know his true feelings.

Friend or foe?

I look at my Facebook and see 334 friends and think wow that's a lot of friends to have...hmmm i wonder where they all were on my birthday? Not one of them could make my birthday dinner or sent a card they just posted the usual "happy birthday i hope it's a good one" on my wall. No text or phone calls just Facebook messages. I get the occasional "we need to hang out soon" some of my friends have been saying that for a year so when is soon? Of course when i try to approach anyone and let then know how i feel they switch up and play the victim.
I started to see my friends fade when i stared dating the man who i am now married to and once i was pregnant they seemed almost nonexistent. I have begged for a "girls night out" and my friends have them all the time they just forget to invite me. Of course i know they didn't forget to invite me. You would think all these women were single and ready to mingle but nope most are married and half of them have kids as well.
I am now branching out and joining a mom's group in my area that way my daughter can play with other kids and i can talk to another adult women for hour once a week.
I can no longer have pride while begging my so called friends to hang out with me im 28 married and have a child im not switching schools in half way through 9th grade but i do feel that way.